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Multiversity #1

You know… I’ve had my share of problems with Morrison’s writing in the past. Particularly when it comes to DC properties. And this could also be a false good start (like many of his runs that start way up there and then become a metatextual story about comics).

But judging for this book… this might be Morrison’s strongest type of superhero story. New characters familiar enough to know who they are and yet not offend anyone (since, you know, they’re not the same characters). The reader involved in the story (or so it says). And a million easter eggs to Crisis on Infinite Earth, all his runs on DC and Marvel and even a duplicate of Savage Dragon.

If you enjoyed his run in Animal Man, this looks like the end of what started right there.

Maybe one of the strongest points is not that “Crisis” feel, but the concepts about the multiverse and the idea that one universe “fiction” is another universe’s reality. Hold that thought a little bit. You already know where this is going right?… We are part of the multiverse… so we must be someone else’s fiction as well. This is the part where the reader will have to involve in the story. How exactly is Morrison going to pull this interactive adventure through… Who cares? This is his last adventure for the DC Multiverse, and it could be his finest as well.

Javier Montano

PS: This comics is a love letter to the DC Universe and comics in general. Enjoy the show.

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