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Morning Glories #32-34

Thank Spencer there’s an explanation at the end of each issue XD

This is the kind of storytelling that you enjoy much more in a book form. But, meanwhile, this is what we have.

These three episodes are about Vanessa, Hisao/Jun and Jade. Since every episode has it’s own shocking revelation I might spoil people here…

  1. Future Vanessa is imprisioned in Morning Glories.
  2. Hisao is Jun (yeah, again, but forever, which is a bummer for Guillaume).
  3. The end of the last issue is interesting, didJade retroactively resurrected her mother?

Our characters seem to travel through time via wishes, and according to the “opinions” at the end of each issue, they might becoming new gods. (That’s kind of… similar to what I did in my own fiction, but different enough to not bother at all).

Morning Glories always pays up. It’s an interesting read but really character heavy and with multiple mysterious plots. Is one of those stories you have to read multiple times to understand completely.

If that’s possible…

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